#200: Mr. Moonlight

When you start playing “Mr. Moonlight” and hear John Lennon sing the title with such gusto, it’s hard not to get excited about what’s to come. Indeed, if the entire song were as exciting as the first four seconds, this would be one of their finest covers. But man, does it go downhill fast. You can point to so many elements–the uninspired backing vocals, the inane lyrics–pretty much anything but John’s lead vocal, which gives the track some redeeming value, but it’s clear what the nadir of this recording is. Paul McCartney’s organ solo is so un-Beatle-y that if the queen heard it she would revoke his knighthood.


Actually, it’s surprising he didn’t somehow lose it in his divorce with Heather Mills.


The worst part? There was no reason whatsoever for “Mr. Moonlight” to take up space on Beatles for Sale. Ringo and George both had their vocal spotlights, weak as they were. And on the very same day the band first tackled “Mr. Moonlight,” they also recorded the fiery “Leave My Kitten Alone,” which inexplicably languished in the vaults for more than 30 years despite being superior to not only “Mr. Moonlight,” but probably a good half of the rest of Beatles for Sale too.

#200: Mr. Moonlight