#195: Dig It

Trimmed down to 50 seconds from a jam that lasted more than 12 minutes, “Dig It” is the perfect encapsulation of the sessions that eventually produced the Let it Be album: a rambling, “we’ll figure it out as we go” shrug set to music that ultimately finds some purpose. For “Dig It,” it’s transitioning into the glorious title track on said album. The sessions culminated in the Beatles’ famous final live performance on the Apple rooftop. But in both cases, it took a lot of time and tedium to get there.


Also a not-inaccurate review of Citizen Kane. It’s a friggin’ sled. There, I just saved you 119 minutes.


I like “Dig It.” It’s got a nice groove, and even though the off-the-cuff lyrics lack substance, at least there’s the intrigue of wondering what possessed John Lennon to name-check the decidedly unusual trio of BB King, Doris Day, and Manchester United manager Matt Busby. But even with all that in mind, I like 194 Beatles songs more.

#195: Dig It